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Simplify your build with polished concrete instead of tiles. One reliable supplier from first pour to final polish, delivering a quality finish with on-time professional service . Compared with tiles supplier and install- which is usually over 70m2/m2 , our polished concrete is only $50m2/m2.

Avoid confusion and misunderstanding -make sure you and your customers are on the same page with a visit to our showroom, where we’ll help them choose the right surface and finish for their dream home.

Why choose Aus Polished Concrete for your Polished Concrete?

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The right polished concrete delivers a beautiful, low-maintenance floor that will last forever. It’s better than tiles because there’s no grout to clean or tile edges to chip.

Polished concrete has come out from the garage and become a thing of beauty and warmth. Modern finishes with decorative aggregates will create a warm, beautiful pool of light in your home. You get the strength and low maintenance of concrete with the look of stone with an affordable cost.

Some of the benefits of choosing Mechanically Polished Concrete are:

Better Slip Resistance

Provided that they are kept clean and clear of clutter, these floors tend to be less slippery than waxed surfaces, reducing Health and Safety issues and other associated risks.

Easy Maintenance

The nature of the surface means that less effort is required to keep the floor clean. Just use a dry microfiber mop to clean, and occasionally some water.

Resistant to Staining

The mechanical polishing process effectively seals the concrete floor and makes it dense enough to be resistant to water, oil and other contaminants.


APC has been working with homeowners, shopfitters, architects, and commercial builders since the company formed in 2015.

Thanks to a background in construction, industry leading Husqvarna machinery — as well as a dedication to continually upskilling and conducting research and development — APC has rapidly become a trusted polished concrete flooring specialist.

You can see examples of our beautiful concrete floor finishes in one of our showrooms. Or, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll give you advice on the most cost effective solution for your project.

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