Garage Flooring Options

Polished Concrete for Garage: Polished concrete flooring is considered an environment-friendly and cost-effective option for flooring. During the installation process, polishing machines are used to grind down the concrete surface which helps create a smooth and shiny surface. You can choose either mechanically polished or Grind & Seal.

Epoxy flooring. Our epoxy flooring and is a 4 coat, 10+ step system, using high quality polyaspartic resin, with ( or without) vinyl flake. Flakes or fleck, are specially formulated paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based chip/flake flooring systems. This makes Urbanstone a perfect garage flooring solution.

Benefit of using polished concrete or Epoxy on garage floor

1. Life Cycle: This factor determines the longevity of the floor and how long it can last without requiring maintenance.

  • Polished Concrete: There are several levels of industrial polished concrete floor. They have different sheens (low to high) and various refinements. Refinements are related to the lifetime of the floor. A properly refined polished floor can last up to 10 years. Most importantly, the cost of refurbishing will only be a fraction of the initial installation cost.
  • Epoxy Coating: The installation cost of epoxy coated floor is twice the cost of polished concrete floor. The lifetime of epoxy depends on the traffic and the volume it has to withstand. Typically, it can between 3 to 5 years. During refurbishment, in order to cover the removal of the first coating, you may have more than the initial installation.

2. Aesthetics:

  • Polished Concrete: This is an attractive option for flooring. It can remain presentable and clean for a long time, if maintained properly.
  • Epoxy Coating: This type of flooring requires regular maintenance. It can become an eyesore once it begins to flake, peel, or chip.

3. Durability: Can it hold-up under heavy machinery movement?

  • Polished Concrete: This flooring system can endure a lot of heavy machinery movement.
  • Epoxy Coating: This system is less durable than polished concrete flooring.

4. Easy to maintain: How easy it is to maintain/clean the floor.

  • Polished Concrete: You can clean this floor using water only. To maintain its luster for a long time, you can add some additives to an auto scrubber. Regular auto scrubbing can be a great idea (depends on the amount of wear and tear).
  • Epoxy Coating: It can also be maintained with water, but, additional additives such as detergents are must to remove dust and debris build-up. Maintenance can become very difficult once epoxy starts to flake or peel.

Why Choose AUS Polished Concrete for your Garage floor

Aus Polished Concrete has a great team, top notch partners, happy customers, good results and growing business potential.

We are trusted for our expertise now. Our showroom answers a lot of questions for clients and they walk out knowing what they want. It is open 6 days a week, with no need for appointments any more.

Every day, 3 trucks with 2 staff members each go out to deliver services to our clients.

Our affiliations with Hanson Concrete have been cemented through dozens of jobs completed over the years. We have all the details of our products and processes completely refined. Our social media presence is ramping up as we continue to post the results of our work.

For Double garage, we charge from

$2,000 Inc GST- for grind and seal

$2,700 Inc GST – for mechanically polished concrete

$2,500 Inc GST- for epoxy flake flooring

$900 Inc GST – for solid colour epoxy flooring


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