By working together with global leading manufacturer of terrazzo and stones, APC Terrazzo is Australia’s major supplies of terrazzo tiles and stones , with an annual output of over 3 million m2 of high quality quartz stone and terrazzo, specializes in processing of all kinds of countertops, table top, terrazzo tiles, paving, all cut to sizes and engineered. At present, APC is established as a large stone group with its own quarries, R&D center and many branches internationally.

APC Terrazzo

APC Terrazzo contains up to 60% natural quartz. It’s made of environment-friendly inorganic adhesives, inorganic pigments and does not contain organic components such as resin. It is formed by high frequency and high pressure vibration. Without resin and other organic components, the raw materials are non-combustible and non-flammable materials, the product reaches the international a-class fireproof standard, and is not easy to deform under high temperature, does not produce harmful smoke, it’s safe and environmentally friendly.

Terrazzo tiles from our offer are suitable for living room, dining, bathroom as well as outdoor spaces. As awareness increases about sustainable practices in design, more clients are ensuring their visions for interior design are executed in the most environmentally-friendly approach, as much as possible.

APC Quartz Stone

APC Quartz Stone contains up to 90% natural quartz. As a new type of non-radioactive artificial stone, quartz is usually used in the interior decoration of new green buildings. Because the roduction process not only does not produce large amounts of carbon dioxide and sewage, but also can be added the waste materials such as broken glass to the raw materials, to achieve the effective recycling of waste. Because of its power and superior flexibility, quartz is resistant to abrasion, scratches, chipping off, breaking, high temperatures, frosting and defrosting, chemical products, acid and dissolvent.

APC Quartz Stone can be used for indoor wall & floor, kitchen and bathroom, countertop , as well as shopping malls, brand shop, restaurants, municipal constructions and so on

Why choose APC Terrazzo?

APC Terrazzo is the first batch to get Greenguard Gold and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification (UL), CE Safety Certification (SGS), ISO9001 Quality Environment and Occupational Health Management System. Our quality won numerous recognition of authority.

Our Current overseas PRODUCTION BASE is equipped with 16 automatic production lines (By computer automatic batching, mixing, distributing, pressing machines and splinttype curing furnace),4 automatic polishing lines by Italian and domestic, a set of Professional Countertop Fabricate System (By Italian processing center, several infrared bridge cutting machines and automatic edge grinding machines), and a production line of Italy SIMEC automatic standard tiles.


APC has been working with homeowners, shopfitters, architects, and commercial builders since the company formed in 2015.

Thanks to a background in construction, industry leading Husqvarna machinery — as well as a dedication to continually upskilling and conducting research and development — APC has rapidly become a trusted polished concrete flooring specialist.

You can see examples of our beautiful concrete floor finishes in one of our showrooms. Or, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll give you advice on the most cost effective solution for your project.

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