Curtain walls

The Ausnew 380 & 480 Sliding Windows incorporate the features and flexibility of a residential window system into the commercial grade 400 framing system.
The Ausnew380 & 480 Sliding Windows are particularly suited to architectural applications where a more substantial, commercial appearance is desired.
The Ausnew 380 & 480 Sliding Windows deliver a neat and streamlined appearance with their squared mullions and glazing beads.
With the use of adaptors, both the 380 & 480 sliding windows can be double glazed to offer an enhanced level of thermal comfort and performance and deliver sliding sash functionality in a modern and bold ex

Tested to the requirements of AS4284, this system is ideally positioned in the market for use from small to large-sized projects.
A key feature of the 116 Series Curtain Wall is the inclusion of tested building and mullion brackets, allowing the 116 Series to be installed as a fully tested system without having to independently engineer brackets for each project.
Another key feature is the ability to integrate sun-shading directly into the frame without sacrificing structural or water performance.
Coupled with both double and single glazed capabilities this curtain wall is the ideal aluminium glazing system for your next project.

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