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Polished Concrete is becoming an extremely popular flooring choice for commercial, industrial and residential properties. With a range of gloss finishes and aggregate exposure to choose from, polished concrete is a versatile and low maintenance flooring option for interior or exterior concrete floors, old or new. For all your concrete polishing projects we will provide quality workmanship and service leaving you with breathtaking results.

Benefits of choosing Polished Concrete are:

  • Low maintenance & UV stable
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • High durability
  • Excellent water & chemical resistance
  • Extraordinary resilience
  • Retards growth of mould, fungus, mildew and bacteria
  • Perfect for heavy-duty environments
  • Seamless flooring
  • Solvent free
  • Easy to apply, clean & maintain

For any Warehouse/factory over 1000m2 , we offer $35 per m2 for Grind and Seal and $45 for mechanically polished Concrete

Our Concrete Polishing services

We offer a wide range of services to both residential and commercial clients, with the expertise to give personalised advice to each accordingly. Our projects range in size from 1m2 to 10,000m2 and we offer a range of different finishes and styles to suit any space. Our services are offered on new builds/pours as well as existing concrete/renovations.

Our services include mechanically polished concretegrind and seal polished concretehoned concreteepoxy coatings, and epoxy flake floorsgarage coatings, all with different finishes and stone exposure level. We also do concrete grinding, levelling and preparation works. Perfect for any commercial or residential project, our polished concrete adds a touch of class to any space without the hefty price tag.

Mechanically Polished

Cost $70-$90/m2

Grind & Seal

Cost $50-$70/m2

Garage Flooring

For Double garage,

$1800 for epoxy flake flooring

$2000- for grind and seal

$2000 – for mechanically polished concrete

Epoxy Flooring

Cost $50-$80/m2

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Our Robot Concrete Grinder

We launch our Australia first ROBOT Concrete Grinder in May 2020

As our world continues to grow and evolve, so does our need to rethink how we build. Aus polished Concrete is working together with the world’s leading technology company to meet the challenges of robot construction.

Our APC concrete grinders robot introduces the exclusive DCT transmission. Thanks to this innovative function, it is possible to lock the rotation of the main plate and allow only the rotation of the tools simply by programming the lever on the planetary (DCT ON). With the DCT in the ON position , the machine gain higher speeds of the satellites for a more aggressive and effective grinding.

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